Mark Moebeck - Singer/Guitarist

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Welcome. Here is my calendar/ schedule and some pics. Browse.

   1975 -2019

Have been playing tunes for a while now. I consider 1975 the year when I started playing for a living. Played in the 60s too, most of our gigs being at Indian reservations. I was 14, and my eyes were open wide. Started in Colorado for a couple of years and moved to St. Louis in 1977. Hit the ground running and never stopped, (although have slowed down.) This was my only job for 30 of the last 44 years, so 5-6 nights a week for years was not uncommon. South St. Louis, Illinois, North, South and West County, Lacledes Landing for 10 years, many wineries, many parties.

    Played with my favorite band, Serapis, for a few years and happy to say, still get to do that on occasion. Folk icon, Tom May had me join him for 12 St. Patricks celebrations in Portland, Oregon. Also a trip through Canada, Alaska, the Yukon and the Northwest Territories. Wow, cool.... literally cool.

    Presently playing mostly wineries, some restaurants... well, click on my schedule and see for yourself. Doing some duo work with 2 great players, Mark Gordon and Mike Newman and sometimes trio with "Naked" Mike Newman and the very talented "Lucky Dan" Randant, a dream come true. And of course, Serapis. Check out Stovalls Grove, y'all.

     Come on out and say hi sometime.  


  Me and Martin /St. Charles, Mo. 

  circa 1978